The Kelpie’s Eye View by Danny Callaghan

February 01, 2019

Kelpies Helix Park in Falkirk, ScotlandI Spy From My Eye In The SkyMonstrous Kelpie horse head looks out over a cloudy blue sky, the Kelpies eye in the sky spies lots going by. Image John Gilchrist

The Kelpie’s Eye View by Danny Callaghan

Image by John Gilchrist


From my eye

High in the Sky

Let’s see what I can spy

All the cars and lorries rushing by.


Along the M9

From where views of me are so fine

All those cars in a line

Going too fast and risking a fine.

The people milling below

They’re just a constant flow

Looking at me and my pal makes us glow

And at night that is just what we do.  Glow!


Their cameras at us are clicking

And some are even flashing

Why?  When the sun is shining

And our manes are sparkling.

Oh!  Goodness what’s that draught

As up my mane it does waft

Oh!  They have opened the door

To let in visitors more.


Their heads they raise

To stand and gaze

At my inners they amaze

And are full of praise.


Yes for me there’s lots to see

And is it not time you came to see, me!


© Danny Callaghan 2015

In September 2015 we went on some walks along the Forth & Clyde Canal in Falkirk with the Falkirk Library called Walking with Words to encourage you to pen a few lines.

The Helix Park - Kelpie’s

The Kelpie’s Eye View, a short poem by Danny Callaghan, poetry inspired by the gigantic, fascinating sculptures in The Helix Park, Falkirk.