The disciplined eye of a photographer

December 31, 2018

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Matthew on coke

Looking through the disciplined eye of a photographer you are invited to see what I see; I publish mixed outcomes up here on the blog. Observing subjects from different angles or appreciating the benefits of good light and hopefully putting those factors to good use. Colour placement, texture and leading lines all contribute to the final image.

Rainbows and Pots of Gold

Training the eye to appreciate the light, each new image flattens the learning curve. Continuing the progress is my goal, perfection is that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Knowing that I’ll never find the perfect result is immaterial. The fun times are had looking for the gold; it’s the riches on the way that make all worthwhile. In the end, learning is what matters, that’s where the reward lies.

Phoblography - Shootin’ to share

I love this term, phoblography! So, what is it? The creative outcome that a phoblographer posts to a blog, I guess. Yes, I’ll hold my hand up to phoblographing, I’ll photograph anything that looks like it offers the makings of a good picture, there’s no fun in not sharing. My conclusion, you never know, someone might share value in that image. Bottom line, if it looked appealing at the time, then it seemed logical to push the button. When it doesn’t work out it gets marked down as experience.

Being able to document my endeavours seems like a natural progression to the photography itself. That said, I'm not a writer, my skill set isn't focused on the written content, maybe best just looking at the images.