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Contemporary visual artist of sorts, just an honest regular guy who happens to use camera equipment.

Based in Scotland with clients & happy customers all over the Globe.

John Gilchrist, (that'll be me), is a Scottish photographer offering professional photography solutions to a variety of clients in the UK and worldwide. I have helped corporate business and many bride & grooms with their photography requests since 2009 and on track to have my busiest year yet in 2018.

I offer a freelance service in Edinburgh and I'm a key photographic supplier to Scotland. My strategy is “You are what you take” and I have an ambitious five-year plan to grow the photography service in new directions.

Led by creativity, driven by passion and guided by so many wonderful on-line resources, it’s a pleasure to work behind the camera for your benefit.

How can I best serve you?

Being involved with photography on a professional level is such a buzz; nothing pleases me more than assisting clients with their photo needs. Capturing the right image is my business, my passion and the thing that will undoubtedly drive me bananas. It’s funny, photography only looks easy when you don’t know any better. When you first start out the camera is that quintessential element, that all important factor that’s going to make your creations extra special. It’s only through time you learn and understand that this is not the case.

Open door policy. I like to think being approachable is a good characteristic to possess, if you’re looking for photographic work and think I fit the bill my door is always open to discuss projects.

What's to offer

Professional services include wedding/engagement, portrait & event photo services for hire that welcomes corporate, PR and editorial work. As well as offering great deals on bespoke photograph packages, I offer a useful guide for hiring the best photographers, whether it’s a lifestyle session, family occasion or public event, finding or choosing a photographer that is affordable or in line with you budget and expectations is made a little easier. For a fuller picture regarding photo services, best visit the...




commercial photography information page


wedding photography information page


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My work interests outside photography centre on the aviation sector within the travel industry. VIEW DETAILS

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The world saw a camera.
I saw an opportunity, and it changed the way I saw the world! John Gilchrist



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Head Office: 2 West Stanhope Place, Edinburgh, EH12 5HQ

Booking Enquiries: 11 James Leary Way, Bonnyrigg, Midlothian, EH19 3QD