John Gilchrist

Freelance photographer for hire, John Gilchrist offers a bespoke photography service to clients in Edinburgh Scotland, a local photographer for wedding, industry, and commercial photoshoots. Finding photographers in Edinburgh, best try JG. Hire a photographer with a reportage style, freelance work to meet all types of personal & business needs. With over 10 years of photography experience and a skilled eye and professional approach, I work tirelessly towards turning opportunities into creative and expressive images.

For professional development I'm always looking to upskill and take my existing skills and experience to new levels. Serving the city and beyond, wedding photography is my core discipline; my comfort zone, however, adapting to new challenges and the unknown is essential to keep creative ideas flowing and fresh. Having camera means I will travel, beside commercial photography projects, satisfaction is drawn by offering Scottish wedding and portrait photography throughout Scotland.

For a no-obligation quote, honest advice or simply to learn more about client services, do not hesitate to get in touch if you require any further information.


  • Wedding photographer for outdoor/indoor weddings & engagements
  • Construction photographer for building and regeneration projects
  • PR photographer for "Your Company Name Here"
  • Portrait photographer for corporate headshots, family and pet portraiture
  • Lifestyle photographer for everything else, such as real-life events and the everyday.

Purchases & bookings

Delivering high quality image solutions worldwide. Buy photo art, prints & artwork from the image galleries or enquire about photography packages, deals and flexible hire services by the hour, day, or job.


tel: 07718906614 mailto: [email protected]

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