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All photographs by John Gilchrist. Photography: Personal and professional photography, experience JG's visual record of work and interests by exploring the photography galleries on offer.

Photographs can capture memories. A photograph is a snapshot of a moment in time, and it can help us to remember the people, places, and things that we love. Photographs can be a powerful way to preserve memories for future generations.
A photograph can be a simple snapshot or a work of art, but it always has the power to connect with the viewer.
Here are some of the ways that photographs can be powerful:
  • They can capture a moment in time. A photograph can capture a single moment and freeze it forever. This can be a powerful reminder of a special event, a loved one, or a place that has been visited.
  • They can tell a story. A photograph can tell a story in a way that words cannot. A single image can convey a sense of place, time, and emotion.
  • They can evoke an emotion. A photograph can evoke a wide range of emotions, from happiness to sadness, from love to fear. This is because photographs tap into our memories and experiences.
Photographs are powerful because they can connect with us on a personal level. They can remind us of happy times, help us to understand the world around us, and even inspire us to change. Power to the photographs.

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Personally, for me, every day is something new, an open eye for that fleeting view, whilst in awe at the true masters.
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Great photos, my lens is sharper than my wit, haha!
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Thank you to all past, present and future photographers who have/do/will share work, experiences and continue to pass on their knowledge, long may the art of photography thrive.
Photography, it attracts, captivates and satisfies the senses.
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