The History of Photography

November 05, 2023

Celebrating birthdays, five candles on chocolate birthday cake.5 Years laterThey don't stay new-born forever..., a lovely pic I took when we celebrated our daughters fifth birthday.

The spark that ignited my passion - The History of Photography - My Photography

The introduction to photography is different for everyone, here's my story, the spark that ignited my passion.

The history of photography

My passion coincides with a family event, the history of photography (my photography) was literally born around a splendid appearance. Such a memorable moment, and the passion has only grown stronger since.

Starting from the beginning, my interest for digital photography kicked in shortly after the birth of our third child, my daughter. My first taste of photography came with a simple point-and-shoot camera. The click of the shutter became a portal to a new world. I started documenting everything. Every captured image felt like a tiny victory, a moment frozen in time, just for me. Enthusiastically photographing our gorgeous new-born attracted the attention of our sharp-eyed midwife. Seeing an overcome lunatic jumping around with a camera prompted the midwife to ask, "Is this your first baby?"

Answering quickly and blurting out "No” was my initial response then followed by a thoughtful pause I answered, "My third …but it is my first digital camera."

There it began, the foundation was set. Unwittingly a photography path had presented itself thanks to the value of digital hardware being so convenient. Here was an impromptu turning point that had a novice photographer unintentionally decide it was time to progress interests to another level. From there the fixation had a strong hold and things moved on rather quickly after that.

As my passion grew, so did my desire to delve deeper. I graduated to a DSLR, the technical aspects igniting a newfound curiosity. Learning about aperture, shutter speed, and ISO became an absorbing puzzle, each mastered concept unlocking a wider creative landscape.

The World Through My Lens:

Photography became my passport to explore. I ventured beyond the familiar, seeking beauty in the ordinary and extraordinary alike. The bustling streets of a foreign city, the serenity of a snow-capped mountain, the fleeting expression on a stranger's face – each click became a brushstroke painting my own unique narrative of the world.

More Than Just Pictures:

But photography is more than just capturing images. It's about connecting with the world around me, with people, with emotions. It's about finding poetry in the mundane, capturing fleeting moments that would otherwise be lost to the relentless tide of time. It's about sharing a sliver of my perspective, hoping to spark a connection, evoke an emotion, or simply make someone smile.

So, that's the story of how photography weaved its way into the fabric of my being. It's not just a hobby; it's a language, a way of seeing, a constant companion on my journey through life. And who knows, maybe someday, the birth of a grandchild will inspire another soul to pick up a camera and chase their own photographic spark.

Realising the web was an ideal vehicle for self-promotion encouraged new thinking, could combining my enthusiasm with photography along with my IT skills produce a viable wedding photography website. Curiosity played a part; was the natural progression and has been a work in progress ever since.

Ready to embark on your own adventure? Let the camera be your compass

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