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Aviation PhotographyDepartureAirborne, Norwegian Air taking-off runway 24 at Edinburgh Airport
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Centre for all that is air travel related, dedicated to quality images that document the aviation industry, from airline to airport and everything in-between. My hub for aviation photos. Topic: Mixed photos of aviation | Airport - Airlines - Aircraft​​​​​

Some background

Aviation Photography Scotland

Scottish aviation photographer based near EDI/EGPH Edinburgh Scotland: My aviation photo portfolio scarcely scratches the surface of such an exciting business, the air travel industry offers wonder, beauty and sense of adventure worldwide.

Locations for aviation photographs


An obvious conclusion, where their are airports there is an abundance of aircraft to be photographed, nip along to the nearest international airport or travel further afield to more exotic locations.


A no-brainer, national and regional air displays are the ideal opportunity to bag aircraft shots. Aerobatic teams tear up the skies and offer the most exciting of opportunities.

Air museums

For something less fast-paced, non-flyers and historic aircraft are popular museum pieces and offer a static choice for photographers looking for something from yesteryear.

Types of aviation photography


For the majority, air-to-air photography will no doubt be the most challenging to pursue. Let’s be honest, how many of us are likely to qualify for a prime position shooting fast jets from a fast jet, great work if you can get it. Most of us will have to be content to watch in awe at those that can/do.


Probably the most common approach for most, ground-to-air can usually be achieved at various vantage points around airfields and airports. The air-plane spotting fraternity generally have all angles covered with published data on the best viewing positions.


The static approach, depending on which side of the fence you are on ground-to-ground photography can deliver an exciting perspective. Those linked to the industry through profession can have unobstructed access without the physical barrier of fences or tainted departure lounge glass being a hindrance.



Types of aviation photographer

The reg hunter

There are many reasons for pursuing such an interest, there are those who enjoy the hunt to document every aircraft registration in an airline’s fleet. When an airline brings a new model into service that means a new aircraft registration and in turn that brings a new opportunity and good reason for the aircraft registration hunter to track down, photograph/document the latest aircraft.

The livery lover

As airlines evolve so do their liveries, with a dynamic range of exterior designs and graphics comprising paint colours and logos – capturing an airline and in some cases individual aircraft identity can be a rewarding quest. As airplanes fly across the globe, their striking liveries not only represent the airlines that operate them but, in many examples, also serve as travelling representatives and emblems for their native country. It’s no wonder that so many photographers are captivated by an aircraft’s colour scheme, the livery lover will go all out to capture a unique, historic or latest aircraft insignia in an airliners line-up.

The category, class & type follower

Aircraft come in all shapes, sizes and variants, for some the aircraft type may influence their calling, perhaps there’s a class of aircraft that is of particular interest, or it may just be aircraft category that the photographer is intent on photographing.

The photography connoisseur

For some it’s simply all about the photography aspect itself, subject aircraft are merely a means to test and improve upon their skills as a photographer, the enthusiast will view the aviation industry as an attractive focal point to bring diversity to their photography portfolio.

The commercial photographer

With an end user or clients interest in-mind, priority lies in capturing a particular style of photograph, this will extend and go beyond just a record shot. 

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