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deals and promotions, digital photo package & price options for Edinburgh, Scotland

Great offers that cover the preparations through to the evening

Great package deals, wedding photography packages in Edinburgh, wedding photo packages for weddings in Scotland. Prices include travel within a 5-mile journey of Edinburgh. Download our wedding photography package brochure for full details, opens as a pdf document. 

Digital capture pack

  • Full day
  • One photographer
  • On-line ordering
  • Pre-wedding shoot*
  • Downloadable gallery of hi-res images

*Pre-wedding shoots come with a complimentary online gallery, all free. To purchase the disc is an additional £125.00 upwards.

Full day

The pricing structure is kept simple. I offer digital capture fees that cover the full day. I'm pricing locally for Edinburgh, however, all areas are covered with associated costs covered in our one to one session. Currently, we are only providing a disc/file only option, reducing the cost and saving on high-end prices with no added expense of wedding photo albums. You will receive a disc with as many hi-res images as I can get, on receipt of the files clients are encouraged to distribute and share copies of the disc/files to family and friends. Alternatively, addition disks can be purchased.


Contact us about our discounts on published prices, please ask for more details, alternatively view our listed brochure prices for package deals.

Midweek Weddings

Concessions for Monday to Thursday midweek weddings are offered at favourable discounted prices.

Coupon Codes

We offer a one-time discount coupon code to the bride & groom as appreciation for their hospitality. Couples are welcome to use this code towards purchasing online products if they wish to do so. Additionally, wedding guests receive their own discount code towards the purchase of online products. It's my thank-you to them for choosing to promote my work.

Would-be guests that were unable to attend due to distance can have a memento of the occasion by using the discount code. Therefore, no need to disappoint Auntie Jeanie in Australia, simply have the high-resolution images downloaded for easy availability.

Travel & parking

I’m happy to travel further by arrangement, mileage fees start at £1.00 per mile for shoots further than a 5-mile radius from EH19 3QD and consideration is given to the return journey. Business mileage covers the added cost of both fuel & time. Depending on distance, accommodation arrangements may be required. When incurred, local parking rates will be paid and fees assigned accordingly.

Route Planning & Fuel Costs

To assist with route planning the AA Route Planner is a handy tool in conjunction with the Fuel Calculator to keep tabs on figures.


Unrestricted license, you can make as many copies/prints as you like with the high-resolution digital files.

Congratulations to you both, I'm excited that you have explored this far, hopefully, this means you may be considering John Gilchrist for your wedding photography. Last minute bookings welcome, we will always do what we can to accommodate.

Scottish Photographic Arts: All wedding photographers are not the same and services should not be selected or balanced solely based on price. Make further enquiries. tel. 07718906614. Easy to understand photography fees rates & prices - with John Gilchrist wedding packages, professional and affordable photography in Edinburgh

Some guidance and little assistance

A basic guide and some info the may assist, painting a picture for every occasion is a tall order but fun, each special day is planned with diffident outcomes in mind. To help us on our journey... I thought some easy reference pages could act as a channel to set us in the right direction. Simple things from providing necessary dates and location through to sharing the love, an opportunity each couple has to provide authentic feedback on their real-life wedding. Furthermore, you can check the info pages to ensure you have the best wedding photographer to fit the bill.

A successful wedding doesn't plan itself

Ensuring your wedding day is a success means doing the groundwork beforehand.

Do it right up front and you get back tenfold what you put in and of course, you will be are rewarded with a fantastic experience which was remembered as a memorable occasion for all the right reasons.

Some pages and relevant info are at hand to help with wedding day planning preparations, there’s not much but hopefully what’s available can offer some guidance. When it comes to large scale events everyone needs assistance in the organization process, especially brides.

Relevant pointers and advice on wedding photography planning tips are offered just to ensure it turns out to be a well-planned happy occasion that evokes long-lasting memories. Photograph assistance, little ideas for brides unsure how to approach the photography aspect is covered in significant detail, wedding photos play a significant role, it’s worth checking out.

Biggest Number One Tip

If someone can plan something better and quicker than you can, grab that opportunity, when pampering is offered, take it, be wise, you know you have a long haul in front of you. Support content is offered by JGP to give some assistance with planning. Big days don’t come together by themselves, beautiful weddings & helpful advice pages with John Gilchrist.

Gathering details for your wedding day is essential

Solely for reference, here is my example list page. The info you supply will help me on your big day. You are free to complete what you feel is necessary, just keeping me informed with the smallest relevant details and up to date changes is a big help. Copy then past and change, delete or add to my list, it’s up to you. Forward planning simply lets me understand what and who are involved in your big day. Simply embellish on what’s there and include anything that might be relevant. For instance, considering a “running kilt shot” with someone who may be unsuitable would not be appropriate. So if Uncle Johnny has a bad leg it’s handy to know this beforehand.

Happy Successful Weddings

Yes, your successful wedding will require a little forward planning and support information to assist the bride and groom with the wedding day.

Forewarned is forearmed, my intention is to catch all that is essential to you. Missing out on something you would love documented would be disappointing for all of us. Identifying key moments or at least knowing what to expect goes a long way but that doesn’t mean you need to reveal all the fine details, just give me enough information to understand and be there for any surprises. Significant moments sometimes require a little forward planning.

Treasure that moment, your special moment only exists because of the effort and hard work that comes from the preparations beforehand. Once you’ve done your bit, then hopefully it will be up to me to do my bit and offer you treasured memories for generations to come.


Make your enquiry here, all wedding photography enquiries are welcome, gathering some basic details is a good starting point, the wedding information form is a good starter for ten. Make your wedding photography enquire here, all enquiries are welcome, for basic details the wedding information form is a good starter for ten. Tel 07718906614 for enquiries, getting married in the United Kingdom, catching the moment is Scotland's dynamic photographer John Gilchrist

With the best intentions

My intention is to be as transparent as possible. I'm a firm believer that not many really read the blurb and everyone is just interested in looking at the pictures. Nevertheless, you are invited to dig and delve a bit deeper using my blatant application of overused and attention-grabbing buzzwords that I shamelessly exploit in SEO tactics. (just being honest, no point in beating around the bush or disguising what is clearly obvious. I'd rather be known for what I'm for). 

This page also offers a wedding-related insight to other pages within the site, relevant references which you can choose to ignore, use or draw information as a source of inspiration or guiding hand. Access to the galleries and slideshows, check out some info or browse hundreds of pictures.