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Image guide of Harry Potter Sites in Edinburgh Scotland for Harry Potter fans around the world.
The Harry Potter connection, Edinburgh locations, images of places that may or may not have been a source of inspiration to J.K. Rowling, the author of several Harry Potter novels. With so much of J.K. Rowling’s writings taking place in Edinburgh, I’m sure these sights must have had an influence on some degree. Artistic licence, I’ve embellished on what may have been so by including my own ideas of what would seem in character of Harry Potter themed content. All images are within J.K. Rowling’s Edinburgh residence and surrounding area, so, you never no, it’s fun to imagine they could be. Since it’s all just fiction anyhow, who says I can’t have a bit fun and fantasy myself, J.K. Rowling’s unintentional subconscious thinking is anyone’s guess.
Ref: Awesome author of children’s books, Harry Potter inventor.

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