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March 23, 2024

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Gallery ID Information

Important info, your gallery id offers direct access to your gallery and is not a password, you may also require to sign in with the use of a password in addition to the gallery ID. Exclusive identification, assigning an ID with a gallery, reference will be made to a friendly URL that assists you to identify your gallery quickly and directly, for example is the URL that takes you to the gallery for Edinburgh Airport.

Forgotten your gallery ID? No problem!

Indirect access can be achieved through search or navigation. If you are looking for photos from past weddings, you are invited to check out the client area for wedding photographs here. Alternatively, if your photoshoot consisted of a service relating to pr, event and corporate photography, you may like to view the client area for commercial photographs here.


To separate wedding work from all other work I use the term “commercial” loosely, in this scenario, commercial referrers to everything other than weddings. In the grander scheme of photography classification, genre categorising can be extensive; wedding photography in its own right is a form of camerawork carried out with commercial intention. However, to keep labelling as simple as possible, the client area on this site accommodates wedding galleries out with all other photography genres. For generalisation, all other photography is categorised and filled under the heading commercial.