Proofing Photos Video Tutorial

February 25, 2024

Proofing Photos

Instruction, client proofing image guidance video, choosing a favourite image set to send to your photographer

All About Favourites Lists

The Favourites feature allows clients/visitors to pick specific photos in a gallery or collection, save them as a set of favourites, and then share this set directly with the photographer or with their business colleagues/friends.

Shared Favourites lists are used by clients to communicate a message to their photographer about a selected list of photos.

Example uses for this feature include:

  • Creating a list of photos that the client would like retouched
  • Creating a list of photos that they would like displayed to their wedding guests
  • Create a list of photos that they dislike and would like not to be displayed on the site.
  • Create a list with just one single photo and send a message to the photographer about that one photo

Before a Favorites list can be created, the system requires that the visitor first log in or create an account under the photographer's site. The Favourites List is then stored in their account under the site. They will then be able to access the Favourites List from any internet connected computer web browser just by logging in to their account.

Changes to Favourites Lists are automatically shared between the client and the photographer. So if the client removes a photo from the list or adds a new photo, the change will be reflected when the photographer views the list.  It also works the other way around as images removed from the list by the photographer will also be removed from the client's view of the list.

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