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January 31, 2024

Price: Wedding Photography Prices - Weddings Photographer

Price weddings photography - All day, part-day, mid-week/weekends - Prices photography wedding

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Price photographer

Digital capture package, images via download. Pricing for 2023 / 2024, costs subject to booking date. Full day weddings, bridal preparations through to evening buffet. Prices relate to a full day, all other durations are negotiable.

  • Weekend: Friday, Saturday & Sunday £850
  • Mid-week: Monday - Thursday £549

Pre-wedding shoots

The E-shoot

  • E-shoots £175 (when booked with a wedding)
  • E-shoots £375 (with no wedding booked)

A pre-wedding shoot really is just that, a planned time before the wedding day that is structured and geared around an enjoyable, relaxed and fun photo session to break the ice.

Additional Photographer

  • Weekend £250
  • Mid-week £175

We advise a second photographer when bridal and/or groom preparation shots are required. Where preparation shots are not essential, a second photographer will allow for pre wedding groomsmen shots. This offers an opportunity to photograph guests arriving before the bridal party arrives and where possible pre wedding venue shots. During group and bridal shots with the first photographer, a second photographer can capture candid guest shots prior to the wedding breakfast.

Photo Booths

  • Booth hires £250 - £300

We don’t offer props or kiosk style as such but subject to venue space let us bring in the studio lights and we can rig up a set that’s large enough to introduce some fun & frolics designed around a theme of your choice. Perfect for evening guests and/or ideal for catching up with any group shots that couldn’t be scheduled in earlier. Photography with John Gilchrist, professional photographers based in Edinburgh Head Office 2 West Stanhope Place Edinburgh Scotland EH12 5HQ United Kingdom

Public Holidays


  • Easter weekend Fri - Mon £200 - £350
  • September weekend Fri - Mon £200 - £350
  • Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day £300 - £500
  • New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day £300 - £500

Online Gallery

Image Collection

  • Private gallery, public highlights collection & blog £0

Inclusive on all products & services, every package bespoke or otherwise includes the facility to view & share images privately and/or openly online.

Wedding Albums

Album Range

We do not offer a wedding album service at this time, digital files only.


We recommend a second photographer be booked with wedding parties over 50 in number, we also advise a second photographer regardless of guest numbers when the wedding ceremony and wedding reception are in different locations.


Costs, the wedding photography budget!

Budgeting for wedding photo costs

Real World Budgeting

In the real world and at the top of everyone's list is budgeting, for weddings regardless of size, affordability is always on the cards. Today, wedding photography budgets vary drastically as do wedding photographers competencies. So where do you start? Well, I have prepared the table key to help you compare the contrasting options available, a rough guide to help you get the most from your wedding budget. Simply determine the photographer’s skill level matching it against the value you would expect to pay. Variables such as associated risks and the risk likelihood show as highlighted colours in a tiered colour scheme, the corresponding quality of results range from green through to red.

Affordable Photographer

The high-end professional will be an affordable photographer for some couples but not for others, affordability can mean both inexpensive and exorbitant fees, funnily enough, it depends what side of the fence your wallet is on. The reasonable answer and sensible approach to personal cost-effective photography is to reverse match your financial outlay to the photographer's skill level. On the other hand, if the skill level is an essential factor then choose the quality of the photographer’s expertise to indicate the expected price bracket.


This is my take on things, as you can see, wedding photography results come in a whole gamut of colours. The above table is definitely up for debate, it's all subjective, the assessment is only how I consider it, please bear in mind everyone will have their own view. Whilst cost is always a consideration, do not let price cloud your judgment. It's all about choices, in all but a few occasions, you only have one opportunity to get this right, just be choosy about choosing.