Blue Monday - Central City Blues

January 15, 2024

Blue Monday - Central City Blues

Is it really Blue Monday, or just another Monday in disguise?

Cold blue city vibe, Blue Monday in Edinburgh, a view looking over to the financial district to the Scottish Widows Headquarters, the life insurance and pension company located in Edinburgh, ScotlandCentral city bluesToday is dedicated to Blue Monday, the third Monday of each January (in 2024, that's January 15)

Today, folks, is Blue Monday, supposedly the most depressing day of the year.

A concoction of post-holiday blues, failed resolutions, and dreary January weather, it's marketed as a day to hibernate and wallow in misery.

But before you pack away your sunshine lamp and stock up on comfort food, let's take a closer look at this dubious label.

Myth busting Blue Monday:

  • The origins are shaky: The "equation" used to calculate Blue Monday was more marketing gimmick than scientific fact. It considered factors like weather and financial strain, but ignored individual resilience and the joy of fresh beginnings.
  • Depression doesn't follow a calendar: Bad moods can strike any day, and January shouldn't be singled out as the exclusive domain of gloom. Focusing on negative self-talk only fuels the fire, while positive mindset shifts can make a world of difference.
  • It's all about perspective: Instead of letting the "Blue Monday" label dictate your mood, why not reframe it as a day of possibility? It's a clean slate, a chance to dust off your goals and start anew. It's a day to reach out to loved ones, indulge in self-care, or try something new.

Make it a "Me Monday" instead:

So, how do we reclaim this Monday from the clutches of negativity? Here are some ideas:

  • Focus on gratitude: Start your day by listing things you're thankful for, even the small stuff. A hot cup of coffee, a sunny patch on your desk, a supportive friend – it all adds up.
  • Get moving: Exercise releases endorphins, natural mood boosters that can chase away the blues. A brisk walk, a yoga session, or even dancing to your favourite tunes can work wonders.
  • Connect with others: Social interaction is crucial for well-being. Call a friend, join a class, or volunteer. Human connection is a powerful antidote to loneliness.
  • Do something you enjoy: Treat yourself to a delicious meal, read a good book, listen to uplifting music, or lose yourself in a creative project. Prioritize activities that bring you joy.
  • Set realistic goals: Instead of feeling overwhelmed by grand resolutions, break them down into small, achievable steps. Celebrating even minor victories can boost your motivation and fuel positive momentum.

Blue doesn't have to be synonymous with sadness, in fact, it can be a stunning source of inspiration, particularly for photographers. So, let's ditch the Monday blues and dive into the breath-taking world of blue photography. From the serene hues of twilight skies to the vibrant pops of bluebonnets in bloom, there's a shade of blue out there to capture every mood and moment.

Blue Monday Blues? Not with These Photos!

Here are a few ideas to get your creative lens rolling:

  • Embrace the dawn: Capture the soft, ethereal glow of a pre-sunrise sky, where the darkness bleeds into the gentlest shades of blue.
  • Find beauty in the ordinary: Look for splashes of blue in unexpected places – a weathered blue door, a child's forgotten balloon, a lone bluebird perched on a branch. 
  • Go macro: Zoom in on the intricate details of nature, where tiny blue veins trace the petals of a flower or raindrops glisten like sapphires on a spider's web. 
  • Play with shadows: Let the sun cast long, dramatic shadows that dance across a blue wall or snake around a lone tree trunk. 
  • Seek out reflections: Capture the world upside down in a puddle, a lake, or even a dewdrop, where the sky's blue is mirrored and distorted. 

Remember, photography is all about perspective. So, challenge yourself to see the beauty in the blue, even on a day that's traditionally painted as gloomy. You might just surprise yourself with the magic you capture!

Bonus tip: Share your blue-tiful photos on social media and use the hashtag #BlueMondayBluesBreaker to spread some positivity and inspire others to find their own unique shade of blue joy.

Let's show the world that Blue Monday doesn't have to be blue at all! Remember, you are in control of your emotions. Don't let a marketing ploy dictate your day. Make it a "Me Monday," a day dedicated to your well-being and happiness. And remember, even blue Mondays have sunsets, and tomorrow might just be the brightest Tuesday ever.