Summer wedding in Edinburgh

April 30, 2023

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Sun-Kissed Vows and Golden Hour Snaps: Planning Your Edinburgh Summer Wedding

Sunshine streaming through stained glass windows, laughter echoing through cobbled streets, and breath-taking cityscapes bathed in warm light – summer weddings in Edinburgh offer a unique charm that's hard to resist! But amidst the excitement of saying "I do" under clear blue skies, one burning question arises: Where will you capture those picture-perfect memories? Fear not, lovebirds, because Edinburgh's summer magic offers a treasure trove of stunning backdrops for your wedding photography.

Embrace the Urban Jungle: Edinburgh's historic heart pulsates with life! Princes Street Gardens offer vibrant floral displays and iconic backdrops like the Scott Monument. Capture romantic strolls hand-in-hand down the Royal Mile, with its ancient architecture whispering stories of love and laughter. Don't forget Greyfriars Kirkyard, the final resting place of literary giants, for a touch of whimsical Gothic charm.

Seek a Touch of Wilderness: Craving a breath of fresh air? Holyrood Park is your haven! Hike up Arthur's Seat for panoramic views of the city, or pose near the mystical ruins of St Anthony's Chapel. The Meadows, with its sprawling greenery and iconic red bridges, offers a more relaxed countryside vibe. And for a fairy-tale twist, Dalkeith Country Park with its picturesque gardens and woodland paths promises enchanted memories.

Embrace the Coastline: The Firth of Forth beckons with its rugged beauty and endless possibilities. Imagine saying "I do" with the sound of waves crashing in the background at Portobello Beach, followed by laughter-filled photos on the iconic promenade. Granton Castle, with its dramatic clifftop setting, offers a touch of history and grandeur. And don't forget Cramond Island, a tidal island accessible by causeway at low tide, for a truly unique and adventurous photoshoot.

Beyond the Ordinary: Looking for something quirky and unforgettable? Dive into the vibrant colours of Victoria Street, inspired by Diagon Alley, for playful and whimsical photos. The Camera Obscura offers a mind-bending perspective on the city, perfect for couples with a love for the unusual. And for a touch of vintage charm, hop on a traditional tram for a photogenic tour of the city.

Remember the Sun: Summer sunlight in Edinburgh is precious, so plan your photoshoot wisely. Golden hour (the hour before sunset) casts a warm glow, perfect for romantic portraits. Be mindful of shadows and crowds, and consider visiting lesser-known spots for more intimate shots.

Final Touches: Don't forget the details! Coordinate bridesmaid dresses with your chosen location. Consider props like umbrellas for unexpected showers or flower crowns for a summery touch. Most importantly, relax, have fun, and let your love story unfold naturally against the backdrop of Edinburgh's magical summer light.

So, go forth, lovestruck adventurers, and capture the essence of your love story in Edinburgh's summertime splendour! With countless possibilities and a little planning, your wedding photos will be as timeless and unique as your love itself.