My Photography Journey

March 19, 2023

My Photography Journey

Down The Rabbit Hole

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Up and down the rabbit hole, and in & out the shadows I go. You know what! This photography trip of mine is an emotional rollercoaster of a ride, but that’s what makes the photographic element of it so exciting. With camera in hand, it’s a progressive journey into the unknown. Granted, there’s always going to be a few knocks and bumps on the way, but to be fair that’s to be expected. Enjoying the ride, you don’t go into photography with your eyes shut, literally. How could you? I’ll hang on as hard as I can with my eyes wide-open all the way, YAHOO!

Personal development, aiming to develop photographic results

Pulling some G, personal photography development objective, continuing to do what I love doing, which is taking more pictures and progressing this website one-step at a time. This is how I improve myself, being firm and tenacious, having plenty of determination and getting that photo outcome published the way I want it is vital to me.

Do I stretch myself beyond my means? Yes! Every day is a new day, a learning curve and for that, I’m thankful for every click I get to take.

New challenges provide the ability to use creativity, when you don’t know everything in the rulebook breaking some rules in the process definitely keeps it interesting

The photography highway is a long and winding road, keep at least one eye open and don't forget to look back every once in a while! John Gilchrist

Going places

In reality, I haven’t travelled that far in the world of photography, there just seems to be so much distance to cover. My achievements come slow and steady but I'm finally getting faster, building in momentum. Since 2009 I've covered some ground since the start my photography travels and always looking forward to discovering what's on the road ahead. Surprisingly, I would never have thought this inspirational journey would lead me down so many paths, such as...

  • Pro Photographer
  • Masterwebotographer ☺
  • Weddings and so much more

It’s nice to know that many images within this site have been viewed the world over; honestly Google analytics is such a great tool. It’s fantastic to realise that my photography work reaches out so far.

Defining a personal style comes through passage of time

I've yet to define my personal style, at first, I just started out with the intention to be a serious “amateur photographer” keen to define his own style. As a fledgling, I joined a local photography group fully inspired to become just that. Supported by likewise individual’s one thing inevitably led to another and as a few years went by I was a (nearly) a fully-fledged freelance wedding photographer without ever planning to become one. With that, freelancing brings varied and wonderful opportunities; I have been fortunate to work with amazing couples, corporate managers, fashion industry leaders, executives and of course family & friends.

In my world, there is a beautiful angle to everything. I love photographing people and places, mostly people though, probably because photographing a person can be the most rewarding yet the most difficult of all photography subjects. I do try to conduct myself in a professional manner, however, please do not consider work of mine to match top professional photographers, as this would be unfitting.

So my journey continues, one thing for sure, I’ll never travel alone, there are lots of footsteps on the path before me and many more behind me.

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