Woodland walk in the Midlothian countryside

July 10, 2021

Midlothian photography related content from John Gilchrist Edinburgh Photographer. May contain people, places, and locations, photographs and pictures captured in or around Midlothian, a photographer’s view, image from a photographic library of Midlothian photos reference, Mavisbank House Photo 20-0011A touch of morning fogMavisbank House, image relating to Mavisbank House in a photolibrary of Lasswade photos by John Gilchrist | Ref: Country House in Midlothian Scotland

Mavisbank Lasswade

Woodland walk in the Midlothian countryside

Man enjoying a walk on his own, walking around the grounds around Mavisbank House, light fog in the air. Framed art prints by request (Back Catalogue) Art Print by John Gilchrist | Image Archive.