Downward Spiral

June 04, 2021

Edinburgh Photography Services: Edinburgh photographer John GilchristMesmerizing: Photographer captivated by a golden spiral.

round in circles

The Downward Spiral

It's been one of those days, Edinburgh photographer JG

Having a 'mare of a day going round in circles feeling I'm going nowhere but down, lost track of how much effort I've put in to something. They say it is a sign of madness when you do the same thing over and over again expecting different results.

Well I guess that's it then, I'm officially mad. Problems encourage action, action generates change and a good night's sleep solves many a problem, I best be off to bed and try again tomorrow with a fresh pair of eyes. Ref: Can't find what you're looking for, lost but not found, where is it. Personal photography creating content for the blog.

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