Bellymack Hill Farm - Kite Feeding Station

October 09, 2021

Bird of prey feeding station in GallowayBirds in flightKites in-flight

Red Kite in flight


Bellymack Hill Farm - Kite Feeding Station

Galloway Kite Trail, Castle Douglas

A day out at Bellymack Hill Farm (October 21) at the Kite feeding station in Galloway to experience the delights of Kites for my first time. What a day, avian feeding on a grand scale brought many opportunities, I was well impressed. The drive down from Edinburgh, Midlothian took a few hours but the trip was worth every minute. There was sunshine, cloudy skies and wind, lots of wind. I expected the Kites to devour the buckets of scraps on the food station, however this didn't happen, I'm told the fresh to strong breeze played it's part, no doubt making it challenging for the Kites to make their approach, this lent itself to more bird in flight pictures than I expected, so no complaints. There wasn't much of a feeding frenzy on this occasion, I'm told that's not always the case. There was still lots of meaty remains left on the table when we left at 4pm. I'll be sure to return again, windy or not.

Photos of birds, organised event

Photographs by John Gilchrist

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