John Gilchrist | Why is Wedding Photography so Expensive

Why is Wedding Photography so Expensive

How MuchHow MuchWhy is it that some photographers can charge less than other photographers.

It seems so overpriced this wedding photography malarkey!

Why do people associate their wedding photos as a costly outlay?

Associated costs, wedding photographers booking fees can vary in degree and saving on your investment is one of those tasks that's so much easier said than done. So is there a viable explanation? JG takes a look at why wedding photography can sometime be expensive. Vying for you attention can be a costly business, how much that financial outlay influences on the final product is subject to each individual photographer. In such a competitive market, many professional wedding photographers employ third party campaigns to win your attention and why not, it invites traffic and sales. However bidding for your interest in this manner brings notice to their photography website through expensive channels.

Savings on photography budgets with cost effective advert management

Ask yourself this, who is making the savings, who is paying for those expensive adverts? All things considered, it is extremely easy to miss manage and lose money if the promotion isn't carefully thought through. My preference is to be more objective; I like to polish and push my art through personal optimisation of my website, personally devoting time and building a better customer experience through determination, concentrating my efforts for pure, natural returns, just like my photography. See my recipe for successful weddings.

Passing Savings Forward

Currently I have no intention of pouring a large slice of my budget into this particular marketing approach, thus passing significant savings onto you. Ultimately, I'm aiming to give you the best possible deal through my labours. So take advantage, think about it, you're reading this because I would like you to read it, not because I've paid an excessive fee on adverts for you to be here.

Selective management and indulging in exclusive advertising promotions is my approach, restricting marketing to all but a few key areas. Other than relevant content, what you see on my site is what you get; Tempting as it sounds, I tend to resist costly publicising options as it would mean increasing my base price to cover the huge costs incurred.

No No to Reseller Programs

Spending personal time refining my wedding photography website means devoting time to you. Deliberately dodging dubious reseller programs, I save myself the bother and avoid tying myself down to adword reseller pushers on purpose; instead, investing time in people and not money in clicks seems like a good option. Well that's my philosophy at the moment. I'll reserve further thoughts for the time being and stick with this plan so you can continue to make a sensible saving.

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