Sharing some wedding love!

How about it, you might like to document your day on my website.

It’s all gone swimmingly well so, let us share your once upon a time to happily ever after

Your wedding story opportunity, caring is about sharing the love, share your experience with soon to be brides and give them insightful ideas to your wedding day. sharing the love is a chance to reveal what you are thinking. Go on, make an impact, announce the involvement of others and I will include your comments alongside featured wedding photos within this site. Without a doubt, bringing together your wedding day is demanding, so many individuals involved in influencing your happiness. Recognising extensive efforts people went to is paramount. If it’s worth a mention now is your chance. Many people participate to the success of your day, so if you would like to consider those services and personal touches contributed by third parties, family and friends this is your opportunity to do so now.

Why not let other brides know who supplied that fabulous designer wedding dress and who designed those remarkable bespoke wedding bands. Maybe you would just like to proclaim the time and effort a close friend devoted in crafted your personalised wedding stationery. It’s nice to be nice, so let it be said and share your experience just for the love of it.

The key to crafting the perfect wedding story is simply to take it one word at a time then build in some expression. I have put together a walkthrough list to help your story take shape, only complete what you are comfortable with; it can be as dynamic as you make it. You are encouraged to improvise, add more include less it’s up to you what is appropriate, keeping in mind all comments are published alongside your wedding photos.

The getting to know you part

Where did you both grow up?
Who is most likely to eat dessert for breakfast?
Who is in charge of the remote?
How did you first meet?
Who made the first move?
Where and how is there a story behind how you met each other?
Where did you go on your first date?
When did you know you were in love?
What made you fall in love with each other?
What did your friends/ family think of him/her?
Who popped the question?
What was your first thought when you were proposed to?
What's the kindest act you have ever seen done by one another?
What’s the most sentimental gift he’s ever given you?
What’s your favorite memory of yourselves as a couple?
Say one nice compliment about each other
What is the most romantic quality the other person holds?
Which would you rather have a kiss or a hug?
What was the first meal that your wife ever cooked for you?
What is your idea of a truly romantic evening?
What do you feel is the most attractive physical feature of each other?
Where did you have your hen party and stag night?
What’s the bride’s favorite quote?
What’s the groom’s favorite quote?
If you could go only to one restaurant for the next five years, which would it be?
What’s your favorite line from any movie?
What do you love most about living or getting married in this country?
Describe your dream wedding where no restrictions apply


Would you rather plan a wedding or attend one? Why?
Did you use a planner and if not who helped you set up your own wedding
Who has been the biggest inspiration in your wedding planning? Why?
Did you use a designer for your invitations if not how did you put them together?
What type of wedding did you want: Traditional or contemporary?
What kind of theme did you use for your wedding?
Where did you get your wedding dress and what style did you choose?
How did you choose the right shoes?
Where did you get the bridesmaid dresses and what design did you choose?
Where did the groom and groomsmen get their attire?
What hairstyle did the bride have?
Which makeup company did you use and what look were you after?
What kinds of flowers did you have at your wedding and who was your florist?
What jewelry or other projects did you make for your own wedding
Where did you purchase your rings and other jewelry?
What gifts did you purchase for your bridal parties and other special guests?
What decorations did you use and who helped you?
What sort of cake did you have and who was it supplied by?
What kind of transport did you pick for your wedding?
What wedding expense was the most unexpected?
Please provide a helpful tip for upcoming brides to help them plan their wedding day
What internet site do you surf to the most during the planning of your wedding?

Wedding Day Details

How did you feel moments before your wedding ceremony?
Who was your celebrant?
Did you write your own wedding vows?
How many guests were at your wedding?
Did you perform a dance and if so which song did you pick?


You’re married now what?
Where did you go for your honeymoon?
What do you plan on doing with your wedding dress? Preservation, sale or rock the frock
Every wedding has some detail that doesn't go as smoothly as hoped. What was the biggest thing that didn’t quite go as expected at yours?
What is your secret to a successful, lasting marriage?