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Mansfield Traquair Wedding Venue

Discover a wedding venue steeped in grandeur and beauty, Mansfield Traquair in Edinburgh for your Scottish wedding

Mansfield Traquair - Wedding Photography by John Gilchrist

Getting Married in Edinburgh

Introduction to Mansfield Traquair

Edinburgh: Best Wedding Venue Scotland. If you are looking for somewhere unique for your wedding, party or corporate event, then why not check out Mansfield Traquair. Nave and secluded, leafy garden are simply made for wedding ceremonies, as well as picture perfect receptions delivered with both polish and panache. Wildly romantic, graced with the most beautiful art and steeped in history, a wedding celebrated here is destined to join the realms of the fairytale. Aptly referred to as Edinburgh's Sistine Chapel, an awe-inspiring hidden gem which holds within it's magnificent stone grasp the kind of thoroughly modern versatility which truly enables the transformation of simple dreams into a fully-fledged fantasy come true.

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