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That One Day - That Big Day

Looking towards the big day itself, you know, the wedding, that time between the engagement period finishing and the honeymoon period starting, usually marked with a kiss during the ceremony and captured by the official photographer who's there to document the proceedings.

This page also offers a wedding related insight to other pages within the site, relevant references which you can choose to ignore, use or draw information as a source of inspiration or guiding hand. Access to the galleries and slideshows, check out some info or browse hundreds of pictures. 

Have you recently attended a wedding we have photographed?

Visit the client gallery area for wedding photo access, recent weddings are documented there, if you have attended a wedding then please consult with the bride and groom, they have chosen to have the client area reserved private. On viewing the gallery you will find that happy couple souvenirs never looked so good and with stylish framing options available why not buy prints of the bride & groom enjoying their big day. Optional framing, and wall decoration options come in all shapes, and sizes, decorative wedding photography made easy for your convenience.

Making a purchase

Buy prints and have quality images framed or set on canvas for that stylish finish. As well as remembering those unique wedding day moments. You are invited to leave comments, gallery options include guestbook pages to pass comment.

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* denotes some restriction to full access

With the best intentions

My intention is to be as transparent as possible. I'm a firm believer that not many really read the blurb and everyone is just interested in looking at the pictures. Nevertheless, you are invited to dig and delve a bit deeper using my blatant application of overused and attention grabbing buzzwords that I shamelessly exploit in SEO tactics. (just being honest, no point in beating around the bush or disguising what is clearly obvious. I'd rather be known for what I'm for).

A1: Wedding Photography Edinburgh

Your wedding photographer in Edinburgh

Love, light & laughter! John Gilchrist for wedding photography services in Edinburgh.

I focus on documenting love stories through timeless illustrative wedding photography. My approach connects with a classic and photojournalistic style, the perfect blend of candid moments, fine detail, and portraiture that will recall one of the most significant days of your lives for generations to come. I aim to give something creative and modern, something that’s special to all the couples I photograph.

Capturing weddings throughout Edinburgh, recognised in several online and print publications, welcomed as one of the top Edinburgh wedding photographers for images on disk deals. My photography has been featured in publications such as I-ON Edinburgh and Easy Weddings.

JGP, wedding photographer, and civil partnership photography in The City of Edinburgh. Light in life and easy going, that's me, relaxed wedding & civil partnership photographers with the main focus leaning towards ceremonial, reception, engagement and pre-wedding shoots.

For wedding photography in Edinburgh, let's capture your day with style, whether it's an Edinburgh wedding or out of town wedding, call John for details.

A2: Midlothian Wedding Photographer

For wedding photography in Midlothian

For wedding photography in Midlothian - John Gilchrist

John Gilchrist, available as your wedding photographer in Midlothian, with a photojournalistic approach and a style that is fresh, modern, and spontaneous. I'm always in pursuit of those decisive moments, warm cuddles, dramatic backgrounds, perfect details, in the "blink of an eye" glances, nutty expressions, and raw emotion.

Your wedding day is a celebration of you, and of your relationship with one-another. Through the eyes of family, close friends and loved ones surrounding you, I will create bold, vibrant images that capture the spirit of who you are, both as individuals and as a couple. Based in Midlothian, I'm a wedding photographer who would love to capture your wedding photography throughout Midlothian.

A3: Scottish Wedding Photographer

For wedding photography in Scotland

Awesome, wedding photography in Scotland, for me it’s all about capturing the moment!

All weddings are dynamic and so much fun too, it’s important to photograph in a distinct & creative style to produce imaginative imagery. My contemporary photography wedding day service provides bright beautiful photos that you will cherish forever. Fab photos for stylish Scottish weddings, keeping your photography colourful and fun is paramount because it makes your day memorable. My flexibility is a useful quality in both personal and professional situations. Couple this with a unique flair for photography and it makes for a worthwhile investment. We are ideally located to cover weddings in Scotland and can travel further if required, ask for details.

Real People

It's all about real people and understanding our clients, acknowledging our customers and ensuring customer focused outcomes are achieved. We listen to what our clients tell us. Where they want to be photographed, what their expectations are, how they want to engage with us during the day. In return we’ll give our clients the attention to detail we need to return beautiful images.

This site exhibits the work from many of the wonderful weddings I am privileged to photograph, my opportunity to reveal some magical moments to existing and potential clients lies here within this site. Everyone is invited to explore my photography; hopefully, you will discover inspiring ideas, recommendations, and guidance for your own wedding planning. I myself got married several years ago when the realm of digital photography was still in its infancy. I recall how intense it all was, especially picking the right photographer for our event! :-)

Talented wedding photographers in Scotland

Today’s photography market is saturated with an abundance of talented photographers. However you won’t find JGP fronting a stand at prestigious wedding fairs. I’m not in the glossy mags and I hide from the newspapers. Why? Well third parties all want their pound of flesh. So granted I may not be found as frequently as others but when eventually discovered you will have exposed someone worthy of consideration, a Scottish photographer who is driven and persistent, a wedding photographer who will enjoy shining as bright as your engagement ring.

Finding the finest wedding photographers that's suited to photograph your wedding in Scotland.

Sourcing your Scottish photographer will be like finding hens teeth, NOT! Unearthing your hidden gem north of the border won't be an issue for you. Check out this handy "talent table for choosing your photographer" The handy table matrix is offered to give you some direction and offer some forethought for those that like to research and give consideration to support their decisions.

Booking is recommended as early as possible, contact John Gilchrist for details on

  • Dates
  • Venue location
  • Guest numbers

Package Deals: Wedding Photography Packages

Digital photo package & price options for Edinburgh, Scotland

Great offers that cover the preparations through to the evening

Great package deals, wedding photography packages in Edinburgh, wedding photo packages for weddings in Scotland. Prices include travel within a 5 mile journey of Edinburgh. Download our wedding photography package brochure for full details, opens as a pdf document. 

Digital capture pack

  • Full day
  • One photographer
  • Disc of hi-res images
  • On-line ordering
  • Pre-wedding shoot*

*Pre-wedding shoots come with a complimentary on-line gallery, all free. To purchase the disc is an additional £125.00 upwards.

Full day

The pricing structure is kept simple. I offer digital capture fees that cover the full day. I'm pricing locally for Edinburgh, however all areas are covered with associated costs covered in our one to one session. Currently we are only providing a disc/file only option, reducing the cost and saving on high end prices with no added expense of wedding photo albums. You will receive a disc with as many hi-res images as I can get, on receipt of the files clients are encouraged to distribute and share copies of the disc / files to family and friends. Alternatively addition disks can be purchased.


Contact us about our discounts on published prices, please ask for more details, alternatively view our listed brochure prices for package deals.

Midweek Weddings

Concessions for Monday to Thursday midweek weddings are offered at favourable discounted prices.

Coupon Codes

We offer a one-time discount coupon code to the bride & groom as appreciation for their hospitality. Couples are welcome to use this code towards purchasing on-line products if they wish to do so. Additionally, wedding guests receive their own discount code towards the purchase of on-line products. It's my thank-you to them for choosing to promote my work.

Would-be guests that were unable to attend due to distance can have a memento of the occasion by using the discount code. Therefore, no need to disappoint Auntie Jeanie in Australia, simply have the high-resolution images downloaded for easy availability.

Travel & parking

I’m happy to travel further by arrangement, mileage fees start at £1.00 per mile for shoots further than a 5 mile radius from EH19 3QD and consideration is given to the return journey. Business mileage covers the added cost of both fuel & time. Depending on distance, accommodation arrangements may be required. When incurred, local parking rates will be paid and fees assigned accordingly.

Route Planning & Fuel Costs

To assist with route planning the AA Route Planner is a handy tool in conjunction with the Fuel Calculator to keep tabs on figures.


Unrestricted licence, you can make as many copies / prints as you like with the high-resolution digital files.

Congratulations to you both, I'm excited that you have explored this far, hopefully this means you may be considering John Gilchrist for your wedding photography. Last minute bookings welcome, we will always do what we can to accommodate.

Scottish Photographic Arts: All wedding photographers are not the same and services should not be selected or balanced solely based on price. Make further enquiries. tel. 07718906614. Easy to understand photography fees rates & prices - with John Gilchrist wedding packages, professional and affordable photography in Edinburgh

Budgeting for wedding photo costs, the wedding photography budget

Real World Budgeting

In the real world and at the top of everyone's list is budgeting, for weddings regardless of size, affordability is always on the cards. Today, wedding photography budgets vary drastically as do wedding photographers competencies. So where do you start? Well, I have prepared the table key to help you compare the contrasting options available, a rough guide to help you get the most from your wedding budget. Simply determine the photographer’s skill level matching it against the value you would expect to pay. Variables such as associated risks and the risk likelihood show as highlighted colours in a tiered colour scheme, the corresponding quality of results range from green through to red.

Affordable Photographer

The high-end professional will be an affordable photographer for some couples but not for others, affordability can mean both inexpensive and exorbitant fees, funnily enough it depends what side of the fence your wallet is on. The reasonable answer and sensible approach to personal cost-effective photography is to reverse match your financial outlay to the photographers skill level. On the other hand, if skill level is an essential factor then choose the quality of photographer’s expertise to indicate the expected price bracket.


This is my take on things, as you can see, wedding photography results come in a whole gamut of colours. The above table is definitely up for debate, it's all subjective, the assessment is only how I consider it, please bear in mind everyone will have their own view. Whilst cost is always a consideration, do not let price cloud your judgement. It's all about choices, in all but a few occasions, you only have one opportunity to get this right, just be choosy about choosing.

Some guidance and little assistance

A basic guide and some info the may assist, painting a picture for every occasion is a tall order but fun, each special day is planned with diffident outcomes in mind. To help us on our journey... I thought some easy reference pages could act as a channel to set us in the right direction. Simple things from providing necessary dates and location through to sharing the love, an opportunity each couple has to provide authentic feedback on their real life wedding. Furthermore, you can check the info pages to ensure you have the best wedding photographer to fit the bill.

A successful wedding doesn't plan itself

Ensuring your wedding day is a success means doing the ground work beforehand.

Do it right up front and you get back tenfold what you put in and of course you will be are rewarded with a fantastic experience which was remembered as a memorable occasion for all the right reasons.

Some pages and relevant info are at hand to help with wedding day planning preparations, there’s not much but hopefully what’s available can offer some guidance. When it comes to large scale events everyone needs assistance in the organization process, especially brides.

Help is at hand with this support info

Relevant pointers and advice on wedding photography planning tips are offered just to ensure it turns out to be a well-planned happy occasion that evokes long lasting memories. Photograph assistance, little ideas for brides unsure how to approach the photography aspect is covered in significant detail, wedding photos play significant role, it’s worth checking out.

Biggest Number One Tip

If someone can plan something better and quicker than you can, grab that opportunity, when pampering is offered, take it, be wise, you know you have a long haul in front of you. Support content is offered by JGP to give some assistance with planning. Big days don’t come together by themselves, beautiful weddings & helpful advice pages with John Gilchrist.

Gathering details for your wedding day is essential

Solely for reference, here is my example list page. Info you supply will help me on your big day. You are free to complete what you feel is necessary, just keeping me informed with the smallest relevant details and up to date changes is a big help. Copy then past and change, delete or add to my list, it’s up to you. Forward planning simply lets me understand what and who are involved in your big day. Simply embellish on what’s there and include anything that might be relevant. For instance, considering a “running kilt shot” with someone who may be unsuitable would not be appropriate. So if Uncle Johnny has a bad leg it’s handy to know this beforehand.

Happy Successful Weddings

Yes, your successful wedding will require a little forward planning and support information to assist the bride and groom with the wedding day.

Forewarned is forearmed, my intention is to catch all that is essential to you. Missing out on something you would love documented would be disappointing for all of us. Identifying key moments or at least knowing what to expect goes a long way but that doesn’t mean you need to reveal all the fine details, just give me enough information to understand and be there for any surprises. Significant moments sometimes require a little forward planning.

Treasure that moment, your special moment only exists because of the effort and hard work that comes from the preparations beforehand. Once you’ve done your bit, then hopefully it will be up to me to do my bit and offer you treasured memories for generations to come.

Initial Details

First and foremost, what's what? Getting to grips with some basic facts. A handy list to copy and past if you don't want to use the enquiry at the foot of this page, relevant details can be inserted then forwarded to John Gilchrist Photography from the contact page.

Quick reference wedding day information

day of wedding:
date of wedding:
time of service:

brides address:
telephone bride:
email bride:
grooms address:
telephone groom:
email groom:

ceremony location:
number of day guests:
contact person:
officiant telephone:

time of meal:
reception location:
no of evening guests:
contact person::
speeches: (before or after meal)
1st speaker:
2nd speaker:
3rd speaker:

Who's Who at Your Wedding?

It helps me to know who's who, working from a list can help on the day. A named guest list is a great heads-up of who is actually who, capturing your wedding photographs gives us a helping hand at putting a name to a title please help personalise the process.
brides name:


brides name:
mother of the bride:
father of the bride:


grooms name:
mother of groom:
father of groom:

maid of honour:
flower girl:
flower girl:
best man:
ring bearer:
page boy:


ceremony officiant:
reception coordinator:

special notes:

  • : Mum has a bad leg and can’t do stairs
  • : If you can’t find Dad try the bar!
  • : Uncle Bob’s got a great sense of humour watch out for him and his camera!
  • :
  • :
  • :
  • :
  • :

Keep a timetable, or use a wedding timeline for real time scheduling

Time for a lovely wedding, printable table

"The Timetable"

From the moment you wake up let me know well in advance how your day is going to unfold. When scheduling an important event weddings rank highly, and brides benefit unreservedly from timely preparations, yes, more than just a little forethought is required to style success and have your occasion pass off with minimal fuss.

Achieving good times are obvious and we all know where the bride wants to be, on schedule, but there are instances where getting there can be challenging. To make a general categorisation would be incorrect but you could say there are two types of brides when it comes to planning a wedding. There are brides that are organised and there are brides that just don't fall into that category, don’t be the later. Assuredly marking time months in advance is the way to go; far-sightedness is prudent in the lead to successful weddings. Please view the following timetable as a sort of time map that offers some notice and guidance and allows me as your wedding photographer to visualise how the day is shaped. On the flip-side the wedding day timetable will also offer valuable forward planning opportunities for brides themselves who want to manage their program with a little forethought in mind.

A simple useable timetable to help plan every stage of the day is useful when you want to establish the sequence of events. No excuses for falling behind schedule when a little forward thinking is introduced in the early stages of the planning phase. Your personal wedding day timespan, a specified period of time in which something extra special happens and is prearranged to take place on a day of your choosing. Stay organised by taking advantage of this simple time management tool.

Further Timeline Factors

Listed in no particular order on the timeline are some ideas to get you started, the guide is not exhaustive, you are welcome to embellish or detract and reorder as you wish. Some further ideas below may include, at what stage it all happens is all down how you plan your day.

Bridal preparation stage

bride's hair, bride's makeup, bridesmaids' hair, bridesmaids' makeup, transport arrives, transport leaves

Ceremony - getting there

groom and groomsmen arrive, bride and bridesmaids arrive, ceremony begins, ceremony ends

Moments in time, some photography considerations

family photos, bridal party photos, first look photos

The wedding reception

arrival time, receiving line, welcome toast, first course (starter) served, second course (main course) served, dessert & afters served

Speeches & toasts

the bride's father speech, the bridegroom speech, the best man speech, the bride's speech, bride & groom speech, guest speakers

Evening reception

band /dj / disco set up, welcome toast (evening), first dance, father/daughter dance, mother/son dance, guests invited to dance, cake cutting, bouquet and garter tosses, evening buffet, farewell.

It’s all gone swimmingly well so let’s share some love!

Share your once upon a time to happily ever after

At the end of the day and it’s all gone swimmingly well you might fancy documenting your day on my website.

Your wedding story opportunity, caring is about sharing the love, share your experience with soon to be brides and give them insightful ideas to your wedding day. sharing the love is a chance to reveal what you are thinking. Go on, make an impact, announce the involvement of others and I will include your comments alongside featured wedding photos within this site. Without a doubt, bringing together your wedding day is demanding, so many individuals involved in influencing your happiness. Recognising extensive efforts people went to is paramount. If it’s worth a mention now is your chance. Many people participate to the success of your day, so if you would like to consider those services and personal touches contributed by third parties, family and friends this is your opportunity to do so now.

Why not let other brides know who supplied that fabulous designer wedding dress and who designed those remarkable bespoke wedding bands. Maybe you would just like to proclaim the time and effort a close friend devoted in crafted your personalised wedding stationary. It’s nice to be nice, so let it be said and share your experience just for the love of it.

The key to crafting the perfect wedding story is simply to take it one word at a time then build in some expression. I have put together a walk through list to help your story take shape, only complete what you are comfortable with; it can be as dynamic as you make it. You are encouraged to improvise, add more include less it’s up to you what is appropriate, keeping in mind all comments are published alongside your wedding photos.

The getting to know you part

Where did you both grow up?
Who is most likely to eat desert for breakfast?
Who is in charge of the remote?
How did you first meet?
Who made the first move?
Where and how is there a story behind how you met each other?
Where did you go on your first date?
When did you know you were in love?
What made you fall in love with each other?
What did your friends/ family think of him/her?
Who popped the question?
What was your first thought when you were proposed to?
What's the kindest act you have ever seen done by one another?
What’s the most sentimental gift he’s ever given you?
What’s your favourite memory of yourselves as a couple?
Say one nice compliment about the each other
What is the most romantic quality the other person holds?
Which would you rather have a kiss or a hug?
What was the first meal that your wife ever cooked for you?
What is your idea of a truly romantic evening?
What do you feel is the most attractive physical feature of each other?
Where did you have your hen party and stag night?
What’s the bride’s favourite quote?
What’s the groom’s favourite quote?
If you could go only to one restaurant for the next five years, which would it be?
What’s your favourite line from any movie?
What do you love most about living or getting married in this country?
Describe your dream wedding where no restrictions apply


Would you rather plan a wedding or attend one? Why?
Did you use a planner and if not who helped you set up your own wedding
Who has been the biggest inspiration in your wedding planning? Why?
Did you use a designer for your invitations if not how did you put them together?
What type of wedding did you want: Traditional or contemporary?
What kind of theme did you use for your wedding?
Where did you get your wedding dress and what style did you chose?
How did you choose the right shoes?
Where did you get the bridesmaid dresses and what design did you chose?
Where did the groom and groomsmen get their attire?
What hairstyle did the bride have?
Which makeup company did you use and what look were you after?
What kids of flowers did you have in your wedding and who was your florist?
What jewellery or other projects did you make for your own wedding
Where did you purchase your rings and other jewellery?
What gifts did you purchase for your bridal parties and other special guests?
What decorations did you use and who helped you?
What sort of cake did you have and who was it supplied by?
What kind of transport did you pick for your wedding?
What wedding expense was the most unexpected?
Please provide a helpful tip for upcoming brides to help them plan their wedding day
What internet site do you surf to the most during the planning of your wedding?

Wedding Day Details

How did you feel moments before your wedding ceremony?
Who was your celebrant?
Did you write your own wedding vows?
How many guests were at your wedding?
Did you perform a dance and if so which song did you pick?


You’re married now what?
Where did you go for your honeymoon?
What do you plan on doing with your wedding dress? Preservation, sale or rock the frock
Every wedding has some detail that doesn't go as smoothly as hoped. What was the biggest thing that didn’t quite go as expected at yours?
What is your secret to a successful, lasting marriage?


Make your enquiry here, all wedding photography enquiries are welcome, gathering some basic details is a good starting point, the wedding information form is a good starter for ten.

Make your wedding photography enquiry here, all enquiries are welcome, for basic details the wedding information form is a good starter for ten.

Staying on topic with some wedding pictures...

Edinburgh wedding photo John GilchristSmile it's a weddingHappy looking bride and bridesmaids during their photo session.

Happy Bride, image John Gilchrist

Budget table for wedding photographyBudget TablePrice bracket, free to exorbitant costs.

Cost, image John Gilchrist

My turn someday!
Looking forward to things to come.
Young girl looking at wedding dress
One Day, Image John Gilchrist


Bride & Groom
Shot with a contemporary style in mid.
WOW wedding Scotland, photo John Gilchrist
Together Wherever, image John Gilchrist


Photography Packages
Learn about day and evening price options for your special day.
Compare wedding coverage pricing to hours required
Bride & Bouquet, image John Gilchrist


Brochure prices
Downloads our photography tariffs for Scottish weddings in 2018
Weekend and mid-week weddings priced for Edinburgh, Scotland


Successful Wedding Days
Plan for success its your wedding day.
Wedding Day Success
HC, image John Gilchrist


Tel 07718906614 for wedding photography enquires, getting married in the United Kingdom, catching the moment is Scotland's dynamic photographer John Gilchrist

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