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By John Gilchrist

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Edinburgh weddings, photography in & around the greater Edinburgh area by JG 

Wedding photographers in Edinburgh. With a photojournalistic approach and a style that is fresh, modern, and spontaneous. I'm always in pursuit of those decisive moments, warm cuddles, dramatic backgrounds, perfect details, in the "blink of an eye" glances, nutty expressions, and raw emotion. Some couples lean towards hiring traditional photographers, while others are specific and reach out to book a candid photographer, it's personal preference really. Personally, I tend to blend a mix of styles. I’ve found when covering an event such as a wedding it’s not unusual to balance and mix the need to be a fashion & portrait photographer with the skills of a landscape or lifestyle photographer all in the course of one day. Either way, your wedding day is a celebration of you, and of your relationship with one-another. Through the eyes of family, close friends and loved ones surrounding you, I will create bold, vibrant images that capture the spirit of who you are, both as individuals and as a couple.

All weddings considered whether...

  • pre-planned
  • large, small or in-between
  • last-minute (photographer replacement)

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