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Wedding Day Highlights
Photo galleries grouped by wedding venue or location, all photographs by John Gilchrist, wedding photographer in Edinburgh Scotland.

Wedding photography
As a candid documentary wedding photographer, Scotland is my ideal location for shooting weddings as it is for many couples that get married, the choice of a Scottish setting is everything, a tick in the box for sure. Serving bride and grooms to be, let me be your creative reportage photographer for love, light & laughter! Awesome photography, it’s all about capturing the moment! Classic traditional photographer vs. the more photojournalistic candid photographer. I focus on documenting love stories through timeless illustrative photography. My approach connects with a classic and photojournalistic style, the perfect blend of candid moments, fine detail, and portraiture that will recall one of the most significant days of your lives for generations to come. I aim to give something creative and modern, something that’s special to all the couples I photograph.

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