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The wedding ceremony photos, the getting married bit.

The wedding service, making it official - Civil, religious, & humanist – Ceremonial photographer. All ceremonies whether, same sex, non-denominational or interfaith.

Ceremony photography
Some weekends drag on forever and feel like they last a fortnight, with your head in a spin, you’ll feel that your wedding ceremony flew by and lasted all of 2 minutes. Finding the finest photographers that's suited to photograph your wedding ceremony. Today’s photography market is saturated with an abundance of talented photographers. However, now that you have discovered my wedding ceremony portfolio, hopefully you will have exposed someone worthy of consideration, a Scottish photographer who is driven and persistent, a wedding photographer who will enjoy shining as bright as your engagement ring.

Photographer for before, during, and after - Ceremony
From the intimate ceremony to the more formal of ceremonies, let me capture your day with style, whether it's a traditional wedding or something a little more progressive, innovate or an unusual wedding, call me for details. Booking is recommended as early as possible, contact John Gilchrist for details on
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