Types of Edinburgh photographers

Edinburgh Photographer - The Local | Edinburgh Photographers John GilchristNew Outlook: Photographer captures the latest addition to Edinburgh's skyline.Image by John Gilchrist

Categories & types of Edinburgh photographer

Loose terms for photographers, those who photograph the city.

photography/images by John Gilchrist (The Blogger)

The Local

The casual local, content with happy snaps and general views depicting the usual clichéd scenes.

The steadfast local, the ones who get it done, there’s nothing they can’t do, they just get stronger and stronger. Whatever it may take their will will never break. Through blood and sweat and tears they’ve made it their mission to capture a dynamic range of outstanding content. Day in, day out, on a quest all over again, Edinburgh as the stage, their they go playing out their part again, sometimes in the spotlight, sometimes in the shadows, giving every ounce of attention to get that next shot that’s going to matter.

The Advocate

A true champion, they depict the city and surroundings in all its glory, never wavering from portraying Edinburgh at its finest, showcasing nothing but the biggest & brightest representations to ensure Edinburgh’s best foot goes forward.

The Renegade

This rebel runs riot all over the place, hell-bent and keen to expose Edinburgh’s shortcomings. Their agenda thrives on pointing out the failings of a city, anything from failed urban planning to revealing cultural and governance deficiencies at local level.

The Blogger

"Everything Edinburgh" a city up for grabs, nothing's off limits for their blog content, anything is fair game.

The "Out of Towner"

The infrequent visitor, residents of Scotland who find themselves in town on business or pleasure, they use the opportunity to make the most of their time to bag some worthy shots or capture a reminder of the trip. Of course, there’s also the frequent out-of-towner who’s just as ardent as the steadfast local, they’ve just got to put in a little more travel time.

The Touring Tog

Referring to the traveller, tourist, and non-residing visitor alike. Unless they are a travel photographer of the purist type, they probably visit Edinburgh with other priorities and undertakings in mind, keen to return home with the best images they can depending on their skill and choice of gear for the trip.

The Fine Art Connoisseur

Regardless of origin, quality is on the agenda here. Be it local or visitor the intention in mind here is to capture a classic shot of Edinburgh, one worthy of many a wall.


Support Images

Edinburgh Photographer - The Fine Art Connoisseur | Edinburgh Photographers John GilchristThe Fine Art Connoisseur | Edinburgh Photographers - EdiThe fine art connoisseur | Edinburgh Photographers Quality of mind in mind... Ref: Placeholder, Edinburgh photographer image to follow, photos, photo Edinburgh Photographer - The "Out of Towner" | Edinburgh Photographers John GilchristThe "Out of Towner" | Edinburgh Photographers - EdiThe "Out of Towner" | Edinburgh Photographers The "Out of Towner" visits Edinburgh, a shot of a lone photographer doing his stuff on the outskirts of the city, I feel there was something exciting in the air that day. Ref: Photographer from out of town. Edinburgh Photographer - The Advocate | Edinburgh Photographers John GilchristThe Advocate | Edinburgh Photographers - EdiThe Advocate | Edinburgh Photographers A champ... Ref: Placeholder, Edinburgh photographer image to follow, photos, photo Edinburgh Photographer - The Blogger | Edinburgh Photographers John GilchristThe Blogger | Edinburgh Photographers - EdiThe Blogger | Edinburgh Photographers Everything Edi Ref: Placeholder, Edinburgh photographer image to follow, photos, photo Edinburgh Photographer - The Local | Edinburgh Photographers John GilchristThe Local | Edinburgh Photographers - EdiThe Local | Edinburgh Photographers The local Edinburgh photographer is resident to the area... Ref:Photos, photo Edinburgh Photographer - The Renegade | Edinburgh Photographers John GilchristThe Renegade | Edinburgh Photographers - EdiThe Renegade | Edinburgh Photographer A rebel... Ref: Placeholder, Edinburgh photographer image to follow, photos, photo Edinburgh Photographer - The Touring Tog | Edinburgh Photographers John GilchristThe Touring Tog | Edinburgh Photographers - EdiThe Touring Tog | Edinburgh Photographers A snap of the touring photographer grabbing a picture of the city from Arthur's Seat, their tour bus stopped in Holyrood Park, what a considerate driver. Ref: Tourists, visitors to Edinburgh, photos, photo

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