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Trust me, I'm a photographer

Trusted photography, I always aim to please…

For example, working a wedding is a tall order; in preparation, I’ve imagined every scenario, every detail, every factor, each possibility and all probability yet every now and then something new throws itself my way. Being able to think on one's feet and respond accordingly is expected and par for the course. It’s how you approach the event and the result in the final images that define you as a photographer.

Awards, accolades & acknowledgements

Let’s be clear here, credentials are a bit slim, I don't have any prestigious photography awards or a single accolade to my name, I’ll be sure to let you know as soon as I’m fortunate enough to receive one! Every now and then, I receive the occasional “acknowledgement to the photographer”, officially that’s as good as it gets for me. The highest reward is seeing final images as wall art in prime positions within homes and offices, this has to be the finest acknowledgement for all professionals, meaning more to me on personal level than any certified award would ever achieve.

Titles & Memberships

None, every day brings something new, an open eye to catch a fleeting view, whilst in awe at the true masters.

These official expressions are well-earned honours and titles every motivated photographer aspires to hold. Recognised titles rewarded for excellence and presented to certified full-time photographers through membership to leading associations. Organisations such as the British institute of Professional Photography and the MPA, (the premier professional organisation for Wedding, Portrait and Commercial Master Photographers) for example.

Personally, I hold no such titles or memberships, maybe for me one day but until then it is all wishful thinking. The flip side being I charge accordingly by not commanding fees associated amongst qualified distinguished photographers.

Education vs. Passion

As a new age photographers descend on today’s photography industry I often wonder how it was pre-digital, I hold my hand in the air to declare, I’m one of the many, I am that new type of image creator. With no formal education, passion drives me forward, with the thought that you only excel at what you love to do. Education doesn’t make you excellent, it makes you qualified. If you love doing something, odds are you going to be mostly self-taught - even if you do go to school!

One day maybe we will have the opportunity to talk and discuss your project needs.

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