Edinburgh cityscape CSP03Edinburgh cityscape CSP03Edinburgh cityscape CSP03
EdiScape at night, cranes constructing St James Quarter Edinburgh
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Travel and places: Photography on the move

One photographer’s travel destination is another traveller’s home. Travel photography, experiences on one’s travels are differently for every traveller/travel and landscape photographer, whether it’s a trip to a neighbouring town or somewhere further afield, it’s always good to travel and document personal encounters. These are the locations I’ve documented on my travels, local, regional & national areas mostly, with the occasional international destination thrown in for good measure.

For me, adventure photography doesn’t mean you have to break local boundaries to capture worthy travel images, some of life’s worthwhile wanderings are personal ventures walked close to home.

Near & Far Locations: Topics include but are not limited to…
  • Landscapes
  • Street
  • Food
  • Culture
  • Transport
Yes, the world is your oyster, but with camera in-hand, who needs to be a long way from home to enjoy yourself. It's not where you go, or how you get there but it’s by what means you see what you see on your path. When you’re there, you’re just there, sometimes it’s the journey back that counts. I'd love to report that I’ve been around the world stretching every corner but as you will see, I’m no worldwide traveller. Goodness knows how professional travel photographers manage getting around in today’s current climate, as the pandemic brings it’s challenges, far-flung locations feel more distant than ever. Maybe for me one day, after Covid subsides and travel restrictions are lifted to encourage tourism again. For now, my escapades are by no means eye opening or jaw dropping but your welcome to join me on my photography journey.

Travel Places: Location photography by John Gilchrist, it’s a unique experience away from home, top spots covered…
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