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Time in Edinburgh
Clock watching, timeout in Edinburgh. Photography in times of downtime. The ticking timepiece, photos by John Gilchrist. Ticking and clicking, time is of the essence, not, however, only time will tell if I continue to run with this venture, I might wind it up early. Mulling around town marking time until something else comes along. Filling in time when I have some spare time on my hands seems like a good use of time. It’s not a race against time here, I’m just bending the schedule to document some moments of time.

Watch this space, images will be posted when the time is right.
Ref: The Edinburgh Gallery, Doing time killing time in Edinburgh. Clock clocking in Edinburgh. Photography, is what makes me tick!

EDI-21-02180708:50 ish | Time in Edinburgh, ScotlandClock tower : Time in Edinburgh, ScotlandClassic photo of Edinburgh, classic image Edinburgh 0010ClockTron Kirk | Time in Edinburgh, ScotlandSliver of Time | Time in Edinburgh, Scotland

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