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The phrase "the man behind the camera" can refer to several different things. In the context of photography, it is a way of acknowledging the importance of the creative vision and technical expertise that goes into creating visual works and can refer to the photographer who is responsible for taking the photographs.

Man & Camera: In a broader sense

Additionally the phrase "the man behind the camera" can refer to anyone who is responsible for creating a visual work, such as a film, television show, photograph, or painting. It can also refer to the person who is responsible for controlling the camera, regardless of their role in the production process. However, in this instance, the term "the man behind the camera" is used in a more figurative sense to reference myself, think of it as an extended introduction to a more in-depth about me if you like.

Insights, establishing some background information, what's behind the story


Well, I’m John, and you're here to learn something about me the photographer, well, I answer to many titles depending on the context of their application, those labels able to be repeated here are JGP, JG, Big Jay, JiGee, Chief and the best of all Dad. I’m associated with so many acronyms, terms, and abbreviations that it's it pointless going further with more, you get the idea!

To all who know me but haven’t grasped it yet,
taking photographs is an incurable passion of mine! John Gilchrist

Yes, I love to create visual content. Some people are said to have an ''eye'' for a photograph, I believe it’s more about preparation, perseverance and being passionate about what you do!

Shut the front door! Who would have thought? I hear some of you cry, lol.


In the beginning back in 19... The real passion for digital photography kicked in shortly after the birth of our third child. Enthusiastically photographing our gorgeous new-born attracted the attention of our sharp-eyed midwife. Seeing an overcome lunatic jumping around his daughter with a camera prompted the midwife to ask, "Is this your first baby?" Answering too quickly and blurting out "No” was my initial response then followed by a thoughtful pause I then answered, "My third …but it is my first digital camera." - There it all began. 


On the to do list of photography awards.

  • Qualified Master Photographer
  • Scottish Photographer of the Year
  • Award Winning Photographer

These official expressions are well-earned titles every motivated photographer aspires to hold. Recognised titles rewarded for excellence and presented to full time certified photographers through membership to leading associations such as the British Institute of Professional Photography and the MPA, (the premier professional organisation for Wedding, Portrait and Commercial Master Photographers). Personally, I hold no such titles or memberships, maybe for me one day but until then it’s somewhere between time, belief and desire. The flipside being I charge accordingly by not commanding fees associated amongst qualified photographers. 


So, should/shouldn’t I declare myself a professional photographer, who knows? I use the term professional loosely. Some maintain that photographers must earn 100% of their income before classing oneself as a professional, whilst others make the claim that photography is a trade not a profession.  Truth be told, It appears to be a dilemma with no clear answer and it confuses the life out of me, anyone can call themselves a photographer and any photographer can use the prefix professional. Bottom line, the client will always draw their own conclusions. 


As more and more new age pro-photographers descend on today’s photography industry, I often wonder how it was pre-digital, I hold my hand in the air to declare, I’m one of the many, I am that new type of image creator. With no formal education, passion drives me forward, with the thought that you only excel at what you love to do. Education doesn’t make you excellent, it makes you qualified. If you love doing something, odds are you going to be mostly self-taught - even if you do go to school!


I enjoy additional work commitments outside of my photography interests. Activities centre on the aviation sector within the travel industry. As an operational front-line member of staff, I have the responsibility of working the airside environment, this is a privileged pleasure I hold dearly. Occasionally I’m called to participate in the documentation process of airside safety occurrences; this involves support photography for visual reference to airside & aircraft incident reports. (Seemed relevant and on topic).


Tools of the trade, worth mentioning for reassurance purposes only. I’m well kitted out, although camera gear isn’t everything, knowing you’re appointing someone who is familiar with the required skills and equipment gives you some piece of mind. Currently enjoying platinum membership within “Canon Professional Services” as a CPS member since 2012 I have access to premium service levels created especially for imaging professionals. It’s refreshing to know you’re in good hands.

My business, visualising the observable world with a calibrated eye.

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