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Street & candid photography
A photolibrary of people, places & spaces, all photographs by John Gilchrist.
The pursuit of unmediated chance, candid photography and street photography pretty much go together. Assuming you're out to give it your best, the street is no place for the chicken hearted photographer, people in/and public spaces are a magnet for fearless photographers who are brave enough to pursue or dabble in the art. Get it wrong and you could inadvertently annoy or hurt someone's feelings, especially when it comes to the close-up candid people shots, it just elevates to a higher level. Glory only goes to boldest and bravest of photographers, and that's out of my league. Respect to those who can pull it off well.

Staged candid shots can usually be called out by those that are well versed in the practice. The purist candid photographers will spot the fakes a mile off, a sharp eye is called for to get the best outcome. It is a tricky genre to cover but it brings an element fun and excitement, there’s no second chances, however, missed opportunities can be restored by new chances just around the corner. The best street photography requires a concentrated effort to pull results. My efforts fall short by a mile, however, I do enjoy myself when I'm out, it gets you in the zone.
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