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Spires, steeples and the occasional chimney, anything poking up, pointing skywards or standing proud on the Edinburgh skyline really.
Edi-21-031526EDI-21-030107EDI-21-030109EDI-21-030118EDI-21-022835EDI-21-0225103Edi-21-012509Edi-20-0621117Edi-20-0621119Edi-20-0621121IMG1811110029Former Donaldson's School, Edinburgh IMG2018May10P0001JGCity views from Edinburgh City Chambers  IMG0021JG20170808Interior views inside Edinburgh City Chambers  IMG0002JG20170808Twin Peaks, City Architecture | Edinburgh’s top photography spot | Edinburgh LocationsSkinners Close, Edinburgh City Scenes - IMG-20130329-0008Queens Hall, Edinburgh City Architecture

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