Press photography in Scotland, UK

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Reportage photography in the media - television, magazines, journals and other publications.

Affiliation status, National and Local press in Scotland UK.

Photojournalist / press photographer: Position held: I'm not "with the press", I do not work or report directly to any publications.
Published photography work in the press: Occasionally, usually through a third party.
Professional network building: The media landscape is evolving, I'm open to connect and collaborate with publications that hire freelance photographers on a casual basis.

UK Press Card
Status: non card holder
Media memberships
I hold no membership with industry associations such as media trades unions, and professional associations. I have no accreditation, affiliation, association with any of the UK's major media organisations such as.

  • British Association of Journalists (BAJ)
  • BBC Newsgathering
  • Broadcasting, Entertainment, Cinematographic and Theatre Union (BECTU)
  • British Forces Broadcasting Service (BFBS)
  • British Press Photographers' Association (BPPA)
  • Channel 4 News
  • Chartered Institute of Journalists (CIOJ)
  • Council of Photographic News Agencies (CPNA)
  • Event & Visual Communication Association (EVCOM)
  • Foreign Press Association (FPA)
  • ITN News
  • ITV stations
  • Local TV Network
  • National Association of Press Agencies (NAPA)
  • News Media Association (NMA)
  • National Union of Journalists (NUJ)
  • Professional Publishers Association (PPA)
  • Reuters
  • Sky News

About press card exclusion, membership & governance: The UK Press Card Authority manages a voluntary scheme for issuing press/media credentials - the UK Press Card - to professional newsgatherers working in the UK.
I'm neither a professional newsgatherer nor full-time photographer, thus obtaining membership or press card is not possible.

Ref: Photojournalism, Scottish Press Photography

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