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There are many leading public relations agencies that can assist you, having too many almost equally good options will make your decision a challenging one. PR photography services are sought after by many organisations, companies, and individuals alike, good photography is a key element and compliments other PR services that the best PR agencies offer, functions that include but aren't limited to

  • Engineer events designed for public outreach and media relations
  • Compose and distribute press releases
  • Copywrite and blog content for the web
  • Deliver effective speech writing
  • Crisis public relations tactics
  • Respond to negative opinions online and in social media
  • Manage market research on the company or the company's messaging
  • Develop business contacts through personal networking or attendance and sponsoring at events

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Photographers direct, tailor a message that’s relevant to your audience, if your requirement is for the photography only aspect then John Gilchrist photography can be of assistance. If you love my photo work, then great, I want to hear from you today!
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