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Phoneography, iPhone and smartphone photography: Photos by JG
Artistic cellular phone images, photo collection by John Gilchrist. Taking pictures with my phone is fun, the mobile camera is the ideal pocket camera, it’s with me 99% of the time. View photo art snapped on cell phone.
Photo ref: iPhone, Android, camera phone snaps, iPhoneography
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Leaves on the TrackBlurred ApproachIMG_0131IMG_0024IMG_0023IMG_0025Pesky kids, always there before you!Key Key Keyboard - iPhoneographyTree Shadow On Wall - iPhonographyCrumbling Wall Falling To Pieces - iPhoneographyStar Burst Green - iPhoneographyEscape To Freedom - Poppy Makes A Bid For It - iPhoneographyFour Way Communication - iPhoneographyIt's Been Raining Today - iPhonographyMouse Mirror Manoeuvre - iPhoneography26Jun14#1CAT II/III - Red White Signage - iPhoneography200 - The Number Two Hundred - iPhoneographySplat - HP Brown Sauce Takes One For The Team - iPhoneographyWhere Is Roxanne - Red Roxy

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