Joining the Dots | Creating A Great Image

What’s behind the picture? Zigzagging your way to a great image, a look at those linear associations between variables

Five important aspects that align themselves to a great image!

  • The light on the subject
  • The subject itself
  • The lens in front of the subject
  • The camera body on the lens
  • The mind’s eye of the photographer

When each aspect comes into play and has everything going for it, whilst optimised and aligned perfectly then the results will be awesome. If one or more aspects are of lesser value, the opportunities to turnout a great image will be reduced. ie You can have a great subject photographed by an award-winning photographer using a quality camera and lens combination, but if the light on the subject is poor then the results might be good but they’re not going to be great. Likewise, you can have fabulous light on a great subject photographed by a novice photographer using a quality camera and lens combo, but if the mind’s eye of the photographer is lacking creativity then a great outcome will be lost.

There are numerous ways to take a photograph, however, taking a picture in a desirable way, with the appropriate means, at the optimum time is what makes the result a great image. Creativity is either in you or not? I believe it’s more a question of how much and when, it’s whether you discover, harness and develop those inner creative characteristics.

Can creativeness be instilled in your photography?

Maybe not, or maybe it rests dormant within us all just waiting to be discovered. Whichever, creativeness is a free enterprise available to all, and when unrestrained, open minds will flourish, and those individuals will blossom. Imagination is there for all to use and tap into at any age and time in life. It’s down to personal conviction, choice and the willingness to set yourself free, left untapped the creative sides of so many go undeveloped. Just like the free market, those that channel their talent will benefit from their innovative approach and be rewarded with wonderful creative images.