JohnGilchrist is a Scottish based photography service open to clients looking for commercial photographers in Edinburgh.12T1G0095
Created 6-Feb-13
Modified 17-Jan-24
Personal photos,
private photography gallery that also includes personal development photo projects on a personal level.
Homegrown endeavours, some personal photography projects, a collection of personal work - (non-commissioned). Finding inspiration, subjects range from detailed ventures where many images are captured, when faced with a unique and interesting scene, it’s not unusual for me to take 30 or more similar photos of it. It’s a numbers game, I may alter the focus, or the focal length, or perhaps change the viewing angle. My aim here is that with all these minor variations I’ll end up with a few that I’m particularly happy with. On the flip side, when documenting other tasks sometimes a single image is enough to meet and satisfy the creative urge.
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