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Modified 11-Mar-21

Sometimes I just like to take pictures for myself, non-commissioned work. Photographs taken on ones travels, with family and friends or in interesting situations. My personal photo portfolio offers an opportunity for bring subjective image creations to view.
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My Personal Photography Portfolio
Bike & BridgeUFO spotted over Livingstone20150215-0036 The Kelpies (horse-head-sculptures)Personal photo gallery by Edinburgh based photographer photos of Dalkeith Estate at NightThe caravan park wasn't up to muchJohn loves his Canon | Camera LovePersonal Photography Gallery ImageTic-tac-toe Wooden Noughts and CrossesPersonal photo gallery by Edinburgh based photographer photos of Dalkeith Country Park20101211-0019 Weekend Trip Newcastle Image-NWT100019Two barrels up frontCamera on TripodStunt Rider | Biker at the SkateparkBike shadow | Red Brick WallOne Tree | Solitary Woody Perennial Plant

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