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Crichton Castle: Historic location, photos of Crichton Castle, images by John Gilchrist.
Ruined castle in Scotland: Photography in Crichton Midlothian, close to the village of Pathhead.

Walk to Crichton IMG20180429P0016JGWalk to Crichton IMG20180429P0015JGWalk to Crichton IMG20180429P0014JGWalk to Crichton IMG20180429P0013JGWalk to Crichton IMG20180429P0012JGWalk to Crichton IMG20180429P0011JGWalk to Crichton IMG20180429P0010JGWalk to Crichton IMG20180429P0009JGWalk to Crichton IMG20180429P0008JGWalk to Crichton IMG20180429P0007JGWalk to Crichton IMG20180429P0006JGWalk to Crichton IMG20180429P0005JGWalk to Crichton IMG20180429P0004JGWalk to Crichton IMG20180429P0003JGWalk to Crichton IMG20180429P0002JGWalk to Crichton IMG20180429P0001JGThe Best of 2012: In Pictures, Image-0011The Best of 2011: In Pictures, Image-0006Crichton CastleCrichton Castle

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