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City Scenes - The Edinburgh Collection
Documenting street scenes around popular areas in the city of Edinburgh, anything from crowds to panoramas and skylines. General stock, photographs of The City of Edinburgh taking in various VIEWS.
No 1 High St EdinburghPrinces Shopping Mall, City Street Scenes - IMG-20140410-0036Princes Shopping Mall, City Street Scenes - IMG-20140410-0036Princes Mall Roof, Edinburgh City Street Scenes - IMG-20140410-0033Long Shadows, Edinburgh City Street Scenes - IMG-20140410-0032Bowl Full of Sun, Edinburgh City Street Scenes - IMG-20140410-0031Easy Rider, cool street bike shot in the sunCatching Some Sun, Edinburgh City Street Scenes - IMG-20140410-0029Backy, Edinburgh City Street Scenes - IMG-20140410-0028New Glass Roof - Waverley Train Station - IMG-20140410-0001Balmoral Hotel, Edinburgh City Street Scene - IMG-20140410-0026Sharp Angles Princes Mall, Edinburgh City Building Scene - IMG-20140410-0025Street Activity, Edinburgh City Street Scene - IMG-20140410-0024Street Activity, Edinburgh City Scenes - IMG-20140410-0023Black Cab, Edinburgh City Transport Scene - IMG-20140410-0018Balmoral Hotel, City Hotel Scene IMG-1404-0001St Andrew Square, Edinburgh Tram Stop - IMG-20140410-0013St Andrew Square, Garden Water Feature - IMG-20140410-0012The George Hotel | Top photography spots in Edinburgh | Edinburgh LocationsSt James Centre, Edinburgh - City Street Scene - IMG-20140319-0025

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