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Wedding Dance Lessons


Classes - Enjoyable Choreographed Dance Lessons for your First Dance

Private Dancing Lessons and First Dance Classes

Dancing Tuition for Weddings

Step-by-Step tuition will enhance your ability to make an ever-lasting impression.

We have all been guests at a wedding where the bride and groom look fantastic, but then awkwardly totter around the dance-floor looking and feeling uncomfortable when they should really be enjoying their “first steps” as a married couple.

First class, embrace the first dance with confidence!

Make your first moves something to remember. Would you like to mesmerise your wedding guests by enjoying your first dance together as husband and wife? Why not learn the moves confidently for your big day and have everybody talk about it for years to come.

Find confidence on the floor in time for the big day dances! Private bridal lessons in Edinburgh with full use of a studio floor is a great idea, have your dancing exclusively choreographed for your special day with lessons tailored to suit your needs and budget. Have fun and look great with many dance styles available it’s never been so easy to look good together. Dancing lessons are fun and a great way to get you in shape for the big day. Dancing is good exercise and a great way to get or keep fit.

Dance Lessons , Never danced previously or have “twa left feet”?

Personal friendly and fun dancing classes for bridal couples can help style your routine and even help with your choice of music. You don’t have to perform a ballroom blitz, or be professional dancers whatever your dancing ability lessons can make you feel and look confident on your day. Visit a local dance class! Raise your skill level, whether it is straightforward and easy steps for beginners or for those in search of a challenge perhaps more imaginative choreographed steps to enthral your guests.

If you are going to the expense of hiring a DJ, or band, then why not take a few extra steps with dance lesson sessions, you want regret it.
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