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Green living | The Natural Element
photo collection by JG, life on a greener planet.
Lion King Tree - Silhouette of Solitary Tree IMG180712LionKingTree0001JGWhere the Wild Mushrooms Grow20130709-0006 Berry Picking, (hand-picked berries) Image-000620130709-0005 Berry Picking, (hand-picked berries) Image-000520130709-0004 Berry Picking, (hand-picked berries) Image-000420130709-0002 Berry Picking, (hand-picked berries) Image-000220120112-0046 Pheasant & Game Shooting20120112-0045 Pheasant & Game ShootingClocks - Make a WishGreen Shoots Popping UpDroplets of rain water on wet leavesDroplets of Rain on GrassDroplets of Rain on GrassGiant Haystacks by John Gilchrist large bails of hay stacked high.Personal photo gallery by Edinburgh based photographer photos of Bit from an appleDaffodils in BloomTree moss growing on the branch of a treeMidlothian photo | Featured image of Midlothian | D43Y11-0141 | Borthwick Castle GroundsMisty Trees as Fog Rolls InFloooooooooower

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