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20120719-0001 Pennan Village, Aberdeenshire20120719-0002 Pennan Village, Aberdeenshire20120719-0003 Pennan Village, Aberdeenshire20120719-0004 Pennan Village, Aberdeenshire20120719-0005 Pennan Village, Aberdeenshire20120719-0006 Pennan Village, Aberdeenshire20120719-0007 Pennan Village, Aberdeenshire20120719-0008 Pennan Village, Aberdeenshire20120719-0009 Pennan Village, AberdeenshireBridgesBridges - Bridge over BridgeSandyhills BayRough Firth to Rockcliffe, Dumfries and GallowayThe Best of 2012: In Pictures, Image-0016Cullykhan Beach MacduffSt Andrews

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