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Metal photo collection by JG, metals and alloys, usually as a hardware format.
Interior views inside Edinburgh City Chambers  IMG0001JG20170808Photo memories from Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex Florida-0091-20151128Photos of London image gallery London England 201507030198metal painted blueBlue Metal20140621-0007 RAF Turnhouse Hangar Demolition Edinburgh Airport20140621-0006 RAF Turnhouse Hangar Demolition Edinburgh AirportRusty Roller BedGreasemonkey Workstation 20130206-0008Greasemonkey workstation - 20130206-000520120112-0051 Pheasant & Game Shooting20120512-0005 Shooting & Archery ExperienceHolding it together - Image-2010-10-02Double-barrelled over and under image-0001

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