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Lion King Tree - Silhouette of Solitary Tree IMG180712LionKingTree0004JGSunrise & Fog IMG180704EdinburghLandscape0006JGAirside at 800mm IMG2018JUN05EdinburghAirport0012JGBeltane Fire Festival Edinburgh fire festival IMG20180430P0186JGBeltane Fire Festival Edinburgh fire festival IMG20180430P0003JGWalk to Crichton IMG20180429P0009JGJack Drummer - Bellarose IMG20180427P0017JGEdinburgh City View Edinburgh City Photo IMG20180423P0007JGConstruction Work Edinburgh IMG20180421P0011JGWoods in Dalkeith Country Park-20180414-0001Oakwood in Dalkeith Country Park-20180414-0004Kia Black Labrador IMG2018APR14P0025JGBlurred ApproachDrawbridge entrance to Edinburgh Castle IMG0001JG20171215UFO spotted over LivingstoneMidlothian-Schools-Festival-of-Music IMG0295JG20171124Midlothian-Schools-Festival-of-Music IMG0038JG20171124Leith mural on Great Junction St - local history project IMG0001JG20171105Edinburgh nights IMG0010JG20171021Old tenement blocks Leith Edinburgh IMG0001JG20171018