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Traditional invitations often carried a coat of arms or personal crest and at times often sealed with wax. Today, the use of a crest or seal is still a common choice in society for invitations and a useful way of adding a touch of class. However, modern stationery design is constantly changing and developing to match current trends.

Stationery plays a small part of the complete occasion but is extremely necessary in the entire process of celebrating the coming togetherness. Let MaYo wedding invitation designs compliment your big day.

Today's stationery usually complements the style of the couple as well as the degree of formality of the event. For instance, a casual garden wedding may have bright, fresh colours and garden related graphics. An official church setting may have more scripted typefaces and many embellishments that match the ceremonial nature of the event. Recent design in stationary is becoming less and less conventional and more reflective of the couple's character, possibly reflecting the colour of your bridesmaids dresses or the flowers.

The variety of stationery available varies in style, colour and design, from designer invitation cards all the way down to serviettes, drinks napkins and everything related to the paper work in the occasion of marriage

Your wedding invitations by MyRo are the first sign your intended guests will have of your special day and they can be used to reflect the colours or theme of your event. Most couples would want their invitations to be memorable items that their guests will remember and possibly keep as a souvenir.

The boom in graphic design trade and the handmade stationery arts in Edinburgh has led to an abundance of designs becoming available to everyone at an affordable price. Coordinating the colours and themes of the reception stationery will give an exceptionally professional feel to the whole occasion.

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