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Modified 11-Mar-21

Ramshackle photo collection by JG, it's all gone to rack and ruin, things have broken down, derelict buildings that look a bit rickety or unsafe. Crumbling ruins in a decrepit state, neglected ruins.
Requires some attention IMG0008-20170705Requires some attention IMG0005-20170705Requires some attention IMG0004-20170705Requires some attention IMG0003-20170705Requires some attention IMG0002-20170705Requires some attention IMG0001-20170705Poor state of repair, Shabby Sheds | Garage Lock Ups | Midlothian LocationsPhotos of the City of Edinburgh and image galley of Edinburgh photography collections 0162

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Keywords:Ramshackle, broken, crumbling, decaying, decrepit, derelict, dilapidated, disintegrating, down, down, falling, gone, neglected, photo collection, photography, pieces, rack, rickety, ruin, ruinous, run, shaky, to, to, tumbledown, unsafe, unsound, unsteady