Origin of Passion

Celebrating birthdays, five candles on chocolate birthday cake.5 Years laterThey don't stay newborn forever..., a lovely pic I took when we celebrated our daughters fifth birthday.

Photography, my origin of passion was literally born around the birth of my daughter

Such a memorable moment, and the passion has only grown stronger

The beginning, my passion for digital photography kicked in shortly after the birth of our third child, my daughter. Enthusiastically photographing our gorgeous new-born attracted the attention of our sharp-eyed midwife. Seeing an overcome lunatic jumping around with a camera prompted the midwife to ask, "Is this your first baby?"

Answering quickly and blurting out "No” was my initial response then followed by a thoughtful pause I answered, "My third …but it is my first digital camera."

There it began, the foundation was set. Unwittingly a photography path had presented itself thanks to the value of digital hardware being so convenient. Here was an impromptu turning point that had a novice photographer unintentionally decide it was time to progress interests to another level. From there the fixation had a strong hold and things moved on rather quickly after that.

Realising the web was an ideal vehicle for self-promotion encouraged new thinking, could combining my enthusiasm with photography along with my IT skills produce a viable wedding photography website. Curiosity played a part; JohnGilchrist.com was the natural progression and has been a work in progress ever since.

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