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At times my newest images and photography ventures are linked to from here, intended as a speedy reference to some of my latest photography work.

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  1. Edinburgh Airport Safety Week





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When your're looking for that image and I've told you I'll be uploading it sometime soon, this is where you want to look as your first port of call. Until such time this area is usually empty and only serves as a quick reference to short term interests, latest photo uploads and my newest images are only included as and when it's appropriate. This page is used as an aid to assist third parties find a photo gallery or particular image they don't or wouldn't normally have any reference to. When there is new content just click the link.

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If you've arrived here too late or too early and have missed a viewing opportunity you are invited to browse updates in the recent activity collection. Images you're looking for just might have made there way there, you never know!

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Not found what you're looking for, the next best thing is to use built-in site search feature, see example at Search for photos tagged "Edinburgh" just replace the entry "Edinburgh" for your own search term, good luck! When all else fails just drop me a message.

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