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Wannabe web developer / photographerJack of all trades, master of nonebetter than master of one?

Well! How did I get to Masterwebotographer

Master Photographer - Webmaster

I know my limitations, I'll never cut it as a Master Photographer, and I'm just hanging in there as a self-taught webmaster

Until there's some upward mobility I'll keep practising and progressing my masterwebotagraphy skill set in the hope that there is a little improvement in one of those directions, whether it'll be the photography route or the web architect route, who knows?

Meantime until my photography ambitions and my website administration skills develop I guess I'll settle for Masterwebotographer, a weird hybrid title that serves wannabe aspirations. It's neither one thing or the other, which sums me up just nicely.

The funny thing is, being a webmaster for your photo website is much like the photography itself, you sped lots of time stumbling around in the dark! John Gilchrist

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